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Asus Router Login – Default IP Address, Username and Password
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Asus Router Login – Default IP Address, Username and Password

Default IPs for Asus

Default Logins for Asus

  • IP Address:
    Username: admin
    Password: admin
  • IP Address:
    Username: admin
    Password: password
  • IP Address:
    Username: -
    Password: admin
  • IP Address:
    Username: root
    Password: admin

Asus Router Login

Follow the instructions below to sign in to your Asus router:

  1. Connect the ethernet cable connected to your router to your laptop or computer. If you don’t have an ethernet cable, you can also connect via Wi-Fi. You can also use this method on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Wired connection is the safest method you can use to make your settings. This way, you avoid the risk of disconnection while saving your settings.
  3. Open your frequently used web browser application (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer etc.) and type the default IP address of your router in the browser’s address bar. You can find the default IP address on the label on the back of your router or in the manual provided with the device.
  4. You will be asked to enter a username and password. On this page, you can login using the default username and password for the Asus router. If you have changed your password before, enter your current password. If you do not remember your password, you can follow the steps below.

Asus Router Support

If you have forgotten your login password, you can solve this problem by resetting your router. For this, follow the steps below:

  • Press and hold the small black button on the back of your device for 10-15 seconds. The reset area is sometimes in the form of a hole. You can perform the reset using a needle or toothpick. When the lights of the device go out and start to turn on again, the reset process is completed.
  • By resetting your device, all settings will be changed to factory settings. You can now log in to your Asus router using the default username and password.

You can’t reach the Asus login page? Check the possibilities below:

  • If the Asus login page does not load, the first thing to check is whether your device is connected to the network. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, keep in mind that after resetting your device, your network information will also be reset and therefore your connection will be lost.
  • Many router manufacturers use different IP addresses on their devices. Make sure you are using the correct IP address. You can check the How to Find Your Router IP Address page to find the default IP address of your router.
  • If you are sure the default IP address of your device is correct, you can test the connection using a different device.

Asus Models

ModelUsername/PasswordIP Address
4G-AC55U (90IG01H0-BM3000)admin / admin192.168.1.1
4G-AC55Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
4G-AC68Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
4G-AC68UA1admin / admin192.168.1.1
4G-N12 (90IG01I0-BM3G00)admin / admin192.168.1.1
4G-N12admin / admin192.168.1.1
AAM6020VI-FIroot / admin192.168.1.1
Blue Cave (1.30)90IG03W1-BM3010admin / admin192.168.1.1
Blue Caveadmin / admin192.168.1.1
Blue Cave-1.3admin / admin192.168.1.1
Blue Cave1.30(90IG03W1-BM3010)admin / admin192.168.1.1
Blue CaveA0 (1.30)(90IG03W1-BM3010)admin / admin192.168.1.1
BRT-AC828/M2 (1.50)admin / admin192.168.1.1
BRT-AC828/M2admin / admin192.168.1.1
CM-32 (AC2600)admin / admin192.168.1.1
CM-32admin / admin192.168.1.1
CM-32AC2600admin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-AC52Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-AC52UAadmin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-AC52UA1admin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-AC56Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-AC56UA1admin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-AC68Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-AC87VG (B)--
DSL-AC87VGadmin / password-
DSL-AC88U (A)--
DSL-G31admin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N10admin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N10A1 (US)admin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N11admin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N12U rev B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N12Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N12UA1admin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N12UB1admin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N13admin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N14U (B1)--
DSL-N16U A1--
DSL-N17U B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N17Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N55U (Annex A/B)admin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N55U C1admin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N55Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N55U_C1admin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N55U3admin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N55UA1admin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N66Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
DSL-N66UA1admin / admin192.168.1.1
GT-AC2900 (ROG Rapture)admin / admin192.168.1.1
GT-AC2900admin / admin192.168.1.1
GT-AC5300 (rev 1.41)admin / admin192.168.1.1
GT-AC5300admin / admin192.168.1.1
GT-AC5300-1.41admin / admin192.168.1.1
GT-AC5300A (1.41)admin / admin192.168.1.1
GT-AC5400N/S (ROG Rapture)--
GT-AC9600admin / admin192.168.1.1
GT-AC9600A1 (3.20)admin / admin192.168.1.1
GT-AC9600A1admin / admin192.168.1.1
GT-AX11000 (ROG Rapture)--
GT-AX11000admin / admin192.168.1.1
GT-AX6000N/S (ROG Rapture)--
Lyra (MAP-AC2200) A3admin / admin192.168.1.1
Lyra (MAP-AC2200)-
Lyra Miniadmin / admin192.168.1.1
Lyraadmin / admin192.168.1.1
Lyra Trioadmin / admin192.168.72.1
Lyra Voiceadmin / admin192.168.1.1
LyraMini (MAP-AC1300) B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
LyraMini (MAP-AC1300)-
LyraTrio (MAP-AC1750)admin / admin192.168.72.1
LyraVoice (AC2200)admin / admin192.168.1.1
LyraVoice (AC2200)(''90IG04N0-MA1G00'')admin / admin192.168.1.1
RP-AC55 (90IG03Z1-BM3R00)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC1200 (US&CA)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC1200admin / admin192.168.50.1
RT-AC1200G Plusadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC1200Gadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC1200G+ (Plus)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC1200GPadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC1200GUadmin / admin192.168.50.1
RT-AC1200HPadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC1200v2admin / admin-
RT-AC1750 (A1)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC1750admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC1900 (C1)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC1900admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC1900C1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC1900Padmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC3100admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC3100-4.07admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC3200admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC3200A (2.34)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC42Uadmin / admin192.168.50.1
RT-AC51U (+)(90IG0150-BM3G00)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC51U (90IG0150-BM3G00)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC51Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC52U B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC52Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC52UA1 (2.30)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC52UA1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC53admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC5300admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC5300A (1.31)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC53Aadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC53Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC54Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC55Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC55UHPadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC56S (A1)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC56Sadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC56SS (A1)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC56Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC57U (90IG02P1-BO3110)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC57U (EU)(''90IG02P1-BO3110'')admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC57U (EU)(90IG02P1-BO3110)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC57Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC58U (90IG02N0-BM3000)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC58Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC65Padmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC65P(''90IG0560-MO3G10'')admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC65Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC66U B1admin / admin192.168.50.1
RT-AC66Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC66UA1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC68P (v2)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC68Padmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC68P v2admin / admin-
RT-AC68U (v1S)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC68U (v1S)(90IG00C1-BM3000)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC68U Extremeadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC68Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC68U v1Sadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC68UFadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC68Uv2admin / admin-
RT-AC750admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC750GFadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC85Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC86U (1.40)- / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC86Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC87Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC88Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AC88U-5.01admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-ACRH13 (US)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-ACRH13admin / admin192.168.50.1
RT-ACRH15admin / admin-
RT-ACRH17 (US)admin / admin-
RT-ACRH17admin / admin192.168.50.1
RT-AX56Uadmin / admin-
RT-AX88U (AX6000)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AX88Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AX92Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AX95U (AX11000)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AX95U (GT-AX11000)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AX95U (RT-AX11000)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-AX95Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-G32 rev A1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-G32 rev B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-G32 rev C1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-G32B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-G32C1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10 (Plus) B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10 rev A1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10 rev C1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10 rev D1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10+ rev B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10+ rev D1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10+B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10A1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10D1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10E (B1)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10E (LX)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10E B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10Eadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10Padmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10P V2admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10PA1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10Plus B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10U Badmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10UB (Black)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10UBlackadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N10UC1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N11admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N11P (A1)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N11P B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N11Padmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N11Pver. Aadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12 rev A1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12 rev B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12 rev C1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12 rev D1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12+ B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12A1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12C1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12D1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12E (LX)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12E B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12E C1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12Eadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12HP B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12HPadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12Kadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12K(90IG10002-MB03PA0)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N12VPadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N13admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N13U B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N13Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N14Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N14UHPadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N15admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N15Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N16admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N18Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N18UA1 (2.20)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N18UA1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N300 B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N300admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N53admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N53A1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N54Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N56U (V1)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N56U B1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N56Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N56U V2admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N56UA1 (V1)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N56UB1 (V2)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N600admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N65Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N66U (B1)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N66U C1admin / admin192.168.50.1
RT-N66Uadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N66UB1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N66UC1 (B2)(90IG0460-BM3010)admin / admin192.168.50.1
RT-N66Wadmin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N66WB1admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N800HP (A1)admin / admin192.168.1.1
RT-N800HPadmin / admin192.168.1.1
SRT-AC1900 (Asus OnHub)admin / admin192.168.1.1
SRT-AC1900A (Asus OnHub)--
TM-AC1900 (T-Mobile)admin / password-
TM-AC1900admin / password192.168.29.1
VZW-AC1300 (Verizon)--
WL-330N3Gadmin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-500 (R1.92)admin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-500admin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-500b (R1.00)admin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-500badmin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-500bR1.00admin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-500g (R2.40)admin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-500g Deluxeadmin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-500g Premiumv1admin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-500g Premiumv2admin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-500gadmin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-500gP v1admin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-500gP v2admin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-500W (R1.11)admin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-500Wadmin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-520gadmin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-520gCadmin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-520gUadmin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-530gadmin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-530gV2admin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-550gEadmin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-566gM (R1.10)admin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-566gMadmin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-600gadmin / admin192.168.1.1
WL-700gEadmin / admin192.168.1.1
WMVN25E2+admin / admin192.168.1.1

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