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How to Find Your Router IP Address
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How to Find Your Router IP Address

You need your router’s IP address in the event that you need to access the network set-up page. On the page, you find a good pace password, router name, and a couple of different settings. Be that as it may, so as to maintain a strategic distance from network and security issues, it is ideal to adhere to the name and password changes and keep the rest for what it’s worth of course.

Whatever you’re intending to do with it, it’s anything but difficult to find the IP address on any gadget or working framework. This review gives you an itemized management of the most proficient method to do it in Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, and Linux. There’s additionally a reward strategy toward the end you shouldn’t miss.


There are two different ways to find the router IP address on your PC. This is what they are:

Go to the Start menu, click the inquiry box, and type CMD to find Command Prompt. Type ipconfig in the order line and press enter to confirm. The IP address shows up on the extreme right in the Default Gateway line. It’s a progression of 8 numbers with dab separators and it should look something like this:

Right-click the Network symbol on the extreme right in your taskbar and pick “Open network and sharing focus”. There ought to be a connection directly beside Connection. Snap-on it, and at that point click Details. The IP address shows up close to the IPv4 Default Gateway.


On your Mac, you can either utilize the Terminal or System Preferences. This is the way you do it:


Dispatch the terminal from Utilities or hit Cmd + Space and type ‘term’, and afterward hit enter to access the application. Type netstat – nr | grep default into the order line and hit enter once more. The IP address shows up in the default line.

System Preferences

Snap or tap on the System Preferences to dispatch the application and select Network. On the off chance that you are utilizing a wireless association, click Wi-Fi. For wired associations, click LAN. Select the Advanced menu, at that point click TCP/IP, and your IP address will be recorded under Router.

Note: The most recent Mac OS shows the status of your gadget, the kind of association, and the network IP address. That address is not quite the same as the router one. So you have to finish and tap on Advanced, at that point TCP/IP.


This technique is very straightforward and it chips away at iPhones and iPads also. Tap on the Settings application to dispatch it, select Wi-Fi, and tap on the little “I” symbol beside the network name. Your IP address is shown in the Router area. Once more, you shouldn’t mistake it for the one that is relegated to your gadget.


Finding the router IP address on an Android gadget (tablet or versatile) is like iOS. Open Settings, pick Wi-Fi, and at that point select the network you are associated with.

In contrast to iOS, Android shows a couple of different parameters over the IP address. You can see the sign quality, the network speed, and the kind of security convention.


There is a network symbol in the notification region on most Linux variants. Snap the symbol and select Connection Information. The router IP address appears alongside the Gateway or Default Route, contingent upon the Linux you are utilizing.

You can likewise get the address from the Linux terminal. Here is the way:

Applications > System Tools > Terminal

When you’re in Terminal, type ifconfig or ip course | grep default and hit enter. The IP address is by the “init adds:” order line.

Chrome OS

On the off chance that you are a Chromebook client, here’s all you have to do. Find Connected to + “Network Name” in the taskbar notification zone and snap on it. Search for the Network tab in the rundown that springs up and click on it. The router IP address appears by Gateway in the lower segment of the Network tab.

Another Method

Have you at any point flipped over your router to find out what’s at the base? If not, you should. There is a mark that includes the router IP just as the administrator username and password.

The IP address ought to be under “To access the settings page” and it will look something like this: Web address Obviously, this may vary dependent on your router model, yet you’re definitely searching for an 8-digit number.


This article has got you secured regardless of what working framework or gadget you are utilizing. Every strategy takes around 15 seconds, and afterward, you’ll have your router IP address close by. Be that as it may, configuring the router takes longer and you should be mindful so as not to destroy any of the settings. If there should be an occurrence of a crisis, it’s a smart thought to contact your supplier for additional guidelines.

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